Terms of Service

We try to keep things as simple (and as human) as possible. After all, we are not zombies (though often treated like one) and the world is filled with too much legal jargon that nobody ever wanted to read.


These are optional. You should always backup your server and/or modifications. Keep a copy on your own computer. No matter how many backups we take, equipment can break or fail. Nothing is fool proof. TAKE BACKUPS!


If you selected a monthly, twice per month, weekly or daily backup – we will restore your server as many times as required. Ok, perhaps not excessively, 20 times in a day may be too much!

Abusive Behavior

We are always friendly, we understand how confusing a game server can be, and we want you to be happy. Any clients that abuse the staff in any way, shall be considered for immediate termination without refund. Just take a moment, calm down, explain your requests and we’ll always do our best to help you.

99% Up-time Guarantee

Yes, we have achieved over 99% up-time. However, in the case that we have any type of downtime caused by our equipment, we have a 2 hour SLA (hardware replacement guarantee). If we can’t get your hardware online within the day, we’ll pro-rate the difference (so you don’t pay for what you did not receive).

Allowable Content

We pretty much allow everything. Within reasonable limits. Marijuana related content is fine, go for it! The world is an ever changing place and we’re down with that. If you run a public game server, it’s your game server so keep in mind that it’s your responsibility to select what content is allowed on your game server. However, if we receive a valid complaint, we will investigate and make an informed decision, communicating with you (the game server owner) the entire time. If any content is found to be beyond the boundaries of discrimination, sexuality or human right, we will kindly ask that you remove it. Otherwise, it’s your server, and if it doesn’t bother anyone else, it doesn’t bother us.

Abuse of Resources

Use your head people! If you are found to be abusing your servers resources (using it for purposes not intended, or for purposes of hurt or damage to others), we shall investigate and potentially terminate your account without refund. For VPS or Dedicated servers, this goes double!

Liability of Use

ZC Game Servers is not to be held liable for any damages incurred while using our services. You may be exposed to zombies, trolls will troll, and it’s probably in your best interest to be a friendly server owner. However, considering that a great many game servers are public, we shall not be held responsible for any damages incurred via use of our services. Be it in game, or out of game.

5 Day Guarantee!

For new customers, we offer a 5 day guarantee. This gives you the chance to make sure we are the right fit. If for valid reasoning our game server hosting wasn’t for you, just let us know! We’re not corporate scumbags. The founders, our staff and everyone at ZC Game Servers wants you to be happy with your purchase. If not, just let us know why it didn’t work out, and we’ll be happy to refund you. If after the initial 5 days, you agree that we shall pro-rate the difference regardless of any external arbitration tactics (ie: PayPal dispute, CC dispute).

Cancellation & Refund Policy

We literally invest ourselves into every new game server that goes online, while thoroughly inspecting all orders and seeing everything through. Customer satisfaction is our #1 goal at all times. However, in the sad event that a refund is necessary, just contact us via our website, support ticket or discord to begin the simple process. As long as it’s a valid cancellation (you are the owner and we’re sure of it) we’ll process your request and you’ll be refunded or pro-rated (whichever is needed) within 24 hours.

Privacy Policy

You can read our entire Privacy Policy here. The amazingly short version reads as follows: We do not sell, rent, license, share, or give access to your personal data at any time. Ever!!! So don’t ask.