ZC Game Servers – Privacy Policy

We take your privacy extremely seriously. At no point, in any way, shape, or form, will we ever sell, rent, share, or license your information to anyone – ever! Your information, is your information, and we take the utmost in precautions to always assure you are protected and private.

How do we secure your privacy & data?

Starting with our website, we use an SSL connection (https) for all pages served. Further more, our Game Control Panel uses SSL as well. This scrambles all communications via 2048 bit encryption. We own all of our servers and use a series of hardware and software firewalls combined with DDOS protection , SYN flood detection, Brute Force detection and more. All of which, to keep your server secure, your data private, and you gaming life happy!

Acquiring data from ZCG

At no point shall we give, share, lend, rent, or sell any of our client data. So please do not ask. When a client closes their server and/or cancels their account, we remove all data related to the user. As to insure continued privacy while keeping our servers free of useless data.

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