Wolfenstein Enemy Territory Dedicated Game Server Hosting
Wolfenstein Enemy Territory Game Server Hosting
March 18, 2018
Unreal Tournament 2004 Dedicated Game Server Hosting
Unreal Tournament 2004 Game Server Hosting
March 18, 2018

Unreal Tournament Game Server Hosting

Unreal Tournament Server Hosting, 32 slots for $32!
If you're looking for a Unreal Tournament Game Server Host, ZC Game Servers is here for you. Now offering Unreal Tournament Game Server Hosting on our professional grade dedicated servers in our NYC and FL locations. Up to 32 player slots, unlimited maps, game control panel, ftp, sub-user accounts & more.

Dedicated Hardware on the Best networks!
Our dedicated Unreal Tournament Game Server hosting is designed with the best in mind. We are definitely not your budget host, and for a good reason. All of our Unreal Tournament Game Servers are hosted via Intel Xeon processors (up to 24 CPU's), 48GB of RAM, 1GB network connections, DDOS protected with Raid mirroring. You'll enjoy 99.99% up-time with absolutely no over-selling and even options for CPU affinity.

Human Activation
What's instant activation? Try Human Activation! We want to insure the quality of our orders, clients and servers at all times. That's why we have an all human activation team. We oversee your order from beginning to end. Making sure your Unreal Tournament server is up, running, and ready for you. Dedicated Unreal Tournament Server Hosting orders are usually ready within 15 minutes.



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