Dedicated Game Server Hosting

  • 24/7 Heroic Support via an all US staff
  • Support Tickets & Discord Support!
  • Game Control Panel
  • Sub-User Accounts
  • FTP/SFTP Access
  • File Locking Abilities
  • Remote Console
  • 99% Uptime Guaranteed
  • Intel Xeon Processors


NYC Metro


Jacksonville, FL
If you are thinking of switching from another game server host, we offer 100% Free Game Server Migrations. To start migrating, just open a Support Ticket, Contact us, or message us on our Discord.
Have communication barriers held you back? When you need support, you need someone who speaks your language, understands your problems & will help fix them now.

Our all US Support Team are always here to help with any problems you may incur. Even if it's for something custom, or outside of the scope of the games original code. We'll always try our best.

We offer support via both Discord and Support Tickets. Whichever suits you best.
  • Data Center and Network built for Gamers
  • Data Center and Network built for Gamers